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With so many of our childhood memories associated with real, homemade food, Jena and I almost take it for granted that we had a family who adored and celebrated food.

As kids of immigrant families, recipes and dishes were often closely linked with nostalgia and memories from home. An appreciation of good food was gently woven into our everyday lives, without ever making a big deal about it. There was always a mixing bowl at the kitchen ready for us to help out with, and family meals were based on ingredients often home grown or bought from smaller independent markets. How times change!

Our menu for the Sept 14th BRUNCH is inspired by childhood nostalgia… We bring to the table Jena's French heritage, with dishes like soufflé au fromage and Italian classics like Gio's Chicken Cacciatore.

For full menu click HERE (coming soon).

Seating is limited. Please make your reservation as soon as possible. Reserve multiple seats if you wish, just add them to your cart. Please choose your seating time and menu style.

Menu Style:


Yellow Woodpecker is a private underground restaurant in Denver Colorado.

Cafe Klatch - a coffee shop style, casual dining, made to oder breakfast dishes, open seating in the courtyard & gardens, drop in hours - no reservations needed.

Brunch - more formal arrangement with a limited seating and reservations only. service begins with cocktails and cakes and progresses to a family styled brunch. brunch includes breakfast & lunch items.

Dinner - formal dinning arrangements with limited seatings and reservations only. service begins with cocktails & appetizers and progress to a family styled dinner followed by dessert and coffee.

Cocktail Party - an evening of cocktails & appetizers, open seating, reservations required.

Movie Nights - customer appreciation, there are no charges for entry, free popcorn, and beers for donations.

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